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26 May 2018

iOS 12 Beta 1 Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Hello guys, I'm so excited. we've got about a week and some change here until we see the first beta of iOS 12. iOS 12 Beta 1 is going to be dropping on Monday June 4th and in this review we are going to talk about the final bases. everything you need to know before that happens have actually had so 

many questions that I thought I'll just put it all into article so you guys know what's up. And there's also a couple of new leaks regarding WWDCA.


let's talk about iOS 12 and everything you need to know. I'm just going to do a little mash up here and talk about everything related to WWDC and iOS 12 Beta 1. So the first thing I want to mention is, where do you watch it and how do you do it. This year, Apple's doing something completely different with the streaming. They will be streaming it as they did with the educational events and of course they're going to be streaming WWDC. I mean it would be a tragedy if they wouldn't now the requirements to watch this stream this year will be different. Previously you'd have to use Safari on an Apple computer. This year you don't have to do that anymore. You can watch it from any device as long as it supports the HTML5 video that Apple is going to be streaming. So you can use Chrome, you can use any browser of choice on any device and the link will be down below in the description.
It starts at 10:00 a.m. on June 4th. Pacific Standard Time, so if you're Eastern that's going to be a little earlier for you 7:00 a.m. It's the same time every year, so tune in for that. You don't want to miss it. WWDC is always a great event to watch. Now immediately after the event Apple always drops the first beta of whatever software they are demoing. This year it's going to be iOS 12 alongside of course the other ones - Mac OS 10.14. We've got watch OS 5, TV OS 12, home pod, iOS 12 version and we might see an updated version for the air pods. Who knows? I mean Apple's doing software for every device.

Which Devices Will be Supported on iOS 12?

The rumor has it that the iPhone 5s - the oldest device that currently supports iOS 11 right now will be getting an iOS 12 upgrade. The reason is probably for Apple to fix everything that they broke with iOS 11 to leave that device off on a good note. To have it supported with faster firmware, maybe Apple will lighten the load of features and features it doesn't need. But from this rumor, I'm guessing that if Apple supports the iPhone 5s they will do the very same thing to every other device.
My personal guess is that every single device that currently runs iOS 11 will also run iOS 12 if Apple is doing the slower older device running the newest firmware strategy. I personally hope they do. I would love to see the iPhone 5s on a newer firmware, but this is a rumor it's not confirmed. If it were to happen though that would be great. Basically, every device that currently runs iOS 11 has a very high chance of running iOS 12 as well.

Now will you be able to install iOS 12 Beta 1 on June 4?

If you're a developer and you pay 100 dollars to Apple for the membership fee, yes you will. If not, yes you still will but, it's going to be through other methods. Usually there's a link for a profile that you can download and it's the same thing you'd get from Apple but the only thing that sucks about these profiles is that they can be modified, and someone can inject other code into it. I showed you guys on this channel before there was a certain type of profile that would install a bunch of undeletable apps on your phone which is going to be kind of sketchy. You want to take care with that. If you're gonna go that route. but if you want to be legit and install the legit version of iOS 12 on day one you're going to have to be a developer.

If you wanted the public beta for the big releases usually takes up to like 20 days last year took 21 days for the first public beta of iOS 11 to came out and that was when iOS 11 developer Beta 2 was out. Apple wanted to make sure that all of the crazy big bugs got ironed out before it went out to the public for beta testing. So yes, you'll be able to install it. but the question now is, should you?

Stream WWDC Here

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