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15 Apr 2017

The new Google Earth is coming to your Computers next week

Have you forgotten the Google earth yet? Well the owners of this amazing software, Google, haven’t forgotten about it and its about to hit the maps world again with a whole new experience in virtually navigating the Earth with your computer. Google is said to have issued out invitation to the press and set out a date to unveil the whole new Google Earth. 

Google Earth was pretty much the hit in digital maps revolution until the Google maps, a more mobile version, took the shine out of the Google Earth. Since the takeover of Google maps the Google Earth has constantly stayed dormant and is even completely not heard of by tech newbies. This giant step to be taken by google on the 18 of April will occur with just four days to celebrate Earth Day on the 22nd.

What actually the new Google earth will bring on board in terms of user experience hasn’t be hinted on by google but am guessing it will house a new design if not completely. The Google Earth offered a more powerful interface for virtual navigation around the globe. Features like using a flight simulator and the ability of the user to view the effect of global warming over a period was already in the about to get old Google Earth and with those in mind we certainly expect a whole new and of course exciting features.
Google Earth's virtual navigation
Giving the virtual reality tech innovation recently and google jumping to the VR, it wouldn’t be a news if it forms part of the experience in the upcoming “new Google Earth”  

We can only hope and speculate on the new features Google Earth is going to house but one thing I can be sure of is the fact that it’s going to be a bang full of new user experience in virtual navigation. 

Whether it’s going to give us a reason to download over the google maps is another thing but I guess we will find out in the coming week won’t we? What are your expectations of the “new Google Earth”?

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