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17 Apr 2017

List of all MTN short cods 2017 (2)


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*506#                    To borrow Some Credit

*511#                     Generate Mobile Money ATM token

*138*1*1#             Internet daily bundle. From 20MB – 350MB

*585#                     To check 4G device compatibility

*138*1*2#              Internet weekly bundle. From 25MB – 500MB

*595#                      To exempt (or include) yourself from mobile money interest payments to your       .                                  account

*140#                         Blackberry Plans

*198#                         Share credit with friends and family

*1552#                        WeChat monthly data bundle

PORT to 600               Number portability

*400#                          To know if your number is registered

02xxxxxxxx                Simbox to 419 Report SIM-Box fraud

*585#               Request internet settings. Send a blank text message (SMS) to 585 your   your     
                          MTN. Save the settings you received, to your phone. Select MTN DATA as                                           default       access point.

*455#                            Accurate weather forecast (8p/sms)

*1390#                            Reserve your number for 2 years

1303                                  MTN Radio

30037                               MTN Farm Direct. Access the best farming tips.

*300*20#                         Get cool jokes

MOVIES to 1412                     Get Silverbird movie schedule

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