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4 Feb 2017

Facebook Celebrate Friends Day With Video: How To Create Your Own Video


Facebook has attained 13 years since being launched as a social media site and is marking this milestone by celebrating its 13th birthday on Feb. 4. This celebration day is marked with the name "Friends Day" which in our view couldn't be much better a name because Mark Zuckerberg in some years ago on this day took friendship to a whole new level, eliminating border boundaries.

Of coarse Facebook will not celebrate this feet alone and quietly without involving its users. in view, Mark and his team have created "Friends Day" videos for all of its 1.86 billion active users. The videos, which include the profile pictures of the users and their friends, are very similar to the auto-generated videos for Facebook's friendship anniversary.

The social networking site uses the "Friends Day" videos to encourage its users to “celebrate the importance of connecting.” The videos show a dancing figure made up of small pictures of the user's friends. It also shows the memories that the users have shared since joining Facebook.
Mark Zuckerberg took to his Facebook page late Friday to share his views about friendship and Facebook Friends Day.

 Read Mark Zuckerberg's Friends Day Message

Today is a day to celebrate friends. It's also Facebook's birthday, but today isn't about celebrating us. It's about friendship. This sounds simple, but not often enough are we taught to celebrate friends. Growing up, we learn that homework and chores are more important and need to be done before we can spend time with friends. As adults, we're told we're responsible when we put our work ahead of our family and friends. Friendship isn't a distraction from the meaningful things in life. Friendship is what gives meaning to our lives. Our friendships make the world work. We laugh, we cry and we learn with friends. We eat, we shop and we work with friends. And when we fight for what we believe and change the world, we do that with friends too. As we all do our part in this journey to connect the world, it's important to remind ourselves to celebrate what's at the root of it all: friendship. Thank you for being part of our community of friends. Let's turn today into a day to celebrate a friend. #friendsday

 How To Create and Share Your Own "Friends Day" Video

  • Go to facebook.com/friendsday.
  • Select Share Video.
  • Select the audience for your video, example, (public, only friends, only me, etc)
  • Click Post.

How to customize your Friends Day video before you share

  • Go to facebook.com/friendsday.
  • Click Edit Video and choose the photos you would like your friends to see on your video.
  • You can also upload a photo from your computer, by clicking the photo you want to replace and then clicking Add Photos.
  • After the changes are made click Share.
  • Select the audience for your video.
  • Click Post.
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