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25 Oct 2015

New Netflix Hacks You Should Not Stream Without

To all Netflix users there is a great news for you guys. Netflix just got better thanks to these tricks My Tech Lab is going to show you. If you want to improve your user experience on Netflix while streaming all your favorite videos then try out the following tricks whether you are just an occasional Netflix browser or a pro video streamer better still a Netflix addict, these tips will go a long way to improve your user experience and increase better video streaming on your enjoyed Friday nights.

Step 1. Clear all your accumulated browsing/streaming History. Cleaning your history data will save you from seeing and watching old videos all the time. To clear your Netflix browsing history just head into "Your Account" on the top right corner and click on "Viewing Activity." From there, just tap the "X" button to get rid of all you history from previously streamed videos.

Step 2. You Can Save Data on Your Plans. Earlier this week i wrote a post on How Save Data While Streaming Netflix and YouTube Videos Using Opera Max -  click to check it out!. Watching videos on Netflix can be fun especially when watching your favorites using a free WiFi. To those using data plans you can reduce your data usage on Netflix Account. Just head back to "Playback Settings" and set it to low. 

Step 3. Adjust the Play-back Quality. If you love to watch all your videos in high quality, then you can do so because Some of us just want to watch in the best resolution possible when we're at home and it's super easy to set that up. To do so just Head to your account again, tap on "Playback Settings", and set your preference to high.

Step 4. You can improve your Suggestion by Netflix to suits your interests. To get the best out of the suggestions brought to you by Netflix just go to the "Personalize" tab, click on it and follow to answer the questions. Note that suggestions will be improved to suit your interests based on the answers you give. 

Step 5. Note All keyboard shortcuts and keep them in your head. There are several, but the most useful ones are hitting "F" for full screen, "M" to mute, "Enter" to play and pause, and using the up and down keys to adjust the volume. For more advanced users, hitting shift and the left arrow will rewind a show, and holding shift and the right arrow will fast forward.

Step 6. Get a fair and brief information on movies and videos prior to watching using this Google chrome extension. With the
NEnhancer, a Google Chrome extension, you can see IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, trailers, and plenty more that will help you pick out a great movie or show. If you don't want to download the extension, Rotten Tomatoes has a section devoted to what you can watch on Netflix.

Step 7. Change the size and color of your closed-captioning. You can find this setting in your account section, under "Subtitle Appearance". Click on it to change the size, font, shadow, and color of the text to your preference.

Step 8. Don't enjoy alone! Share the Netflix fun with friends and family. You can watch your favorites videos on Netflix together with friends and family with the help of Showgoers. With this Showgoers, you can sync up and
watch something with your friends and family at the same time. All of you just need to install the extension and pick a film or series, and it should sync flawlessly.

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