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21 Oct 2015

How To Successfully Root HTC Desire Series Phones

This post focuses on how you can easily gain root access to your htc desire phone describes in easy steps and we are going to use a popular app on the Play Store called King Root. The list of HTC desire types that support this method are listed below. 

HTC butterfly s
HTC Butterfly s 901s
HTC d526h
HTC  d610t
HTC d610x
HTC  d620h
HTC d620u
HTC d626d
HTC d626w
HTC d626x
HTC d816
HTC d816d
HTC d816e
HTC d816h
HTC d816t
HTC d816v
HTC d 816w
HTC d816x
HTC d820f
HTC d820mt
HTC d820mu
HTC d820ts
HTC desire 320
HTC desire 510
HTC desire 516 dual sim
HTC desire 626gplus dual sim
HTC desire 816 and 816 dual sim
HTC desire 820 amd 820s dual sim
HTC desire eye
HTC hero
HTC htl22, htl23
HTC m8d, m8e, m8ed, m8st, m8sw, m8sx, m8t, m8w, m8x.
HTC m910x
HTC one, one 801e, 801s, one dual sim, one e8, one m8,
HTC one mini, one mini2, HTC one S.

KingRoot is a one-click rooting app, literally. All you have to do is just tap a button and wait for the process to finish and you are done rooting your device.

STEP 1: First go to your phone's Settings and select the  Security option. Here you need to click the check box for "Unknown sources" and save it. Only this way You can install apps from outside the PlayStore!

STEP 2: Enable USB Debugging in your Android device's Developers Settings before you start! Settings > About > Softwtware Information > More. Then tap "Build number" seven times to enable Developer options. Go back to Settings menu and now you'll be able to see"Developer options". Tap it and turn on USB Debuggingfrom the menu on the next screen.

STEP 3: Now download and install the app called KingRoot (Click Here to Download)

STEP 4: Once it is finished, then you need to launch the app and Tap the one and only "TRY TO ROOT" button!


STEP 5: Wait a few seconds until it reaches 100%. After that Your Android phone is successfully Rooted.

(STEP 6: Download Root Checker app from the play store to know and verify the phone is really rooted or not.)

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  1. Thanks for the post, unfortunately this doesn't work with my HTC d610t. This phone sucks, it prevents me from installing Google Play store, Plays services, Play games... so can't sync anything. Useless piece of junk...


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