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30 Oct 2015

How To Skip Lock Screen Pattern Password or Pin On Locked Android Phones


When it comes to personal mobile devices security can not be written off totally because we often stores our essential documents and pictures on them with the view of making it accessible anywhere we go to. Setting a Pattern, password or pin lock on your android is perfectly normal and essential if you want to keep some of your personal document files and media files from being accessed by either friends or family. While many people might not wanna do that, That is, hide  stuff on their Phones from family or friends, you might also consider the fact that when your device gets stolen all your files and private pictures will lay in the open by unauthorized access.


With that in mind, most of us protects our Phones and android devices with various  security features. The Main issue of concern here is when you forget your Password, Pin or Lock Pattern what next? Must that spell a doom for you? absolutely not! If your Android phone is locked due to forgetfulness, there is actually a way to Bypass the lock screen and get access into your Android device without having to reset it. There are two separate ways you can bypass the Lock screen. The first one is solely for Android devices that already have the Android Device Manager enabled while the second
will apply to all Android devices.

How To Bypass Android's Lock Screen Pattern, Pin or Password Using Device Manager

Step 1. Visit the following web address with a computer or a mobile device and
sign in using your Google account details that you created when enabling Android
Device Manager on your Locked phone.

Step 2. In the Android Device manager interface, select your locked Android device
you want to unlock and then Click on "Lock"

Step 3. In the next window, enter a temporary password and Click on "lock" again.
Note that the recovery message box could be left blank. you should see a confirmation
message with "Ring" "Lock" and "Erase" buttons if the password entering was successful

Step 4. Now go to your Locked Android Phone or Device and you should see a field asking
for a temporary password. Enter the password you just entered in the "ADM" interface and
your device should now unlock.

Step 5. Make sure you disable the temporary password inside your device's security settings.
That's it!

Bypass Lock Screen Pattern and Password Using Custom Recovery

This method of disabling lock screen using the Custom Recovery file on Android devices needs
an SD card ( new or any other apart from the one in your phone). This means that before you
can use this method to unlock your Android device You must have an SD card and most importantly,
your phone must have an SD Card slot. If you have those ready then let's begin.

Step 1. First, you need to download the Pattern Password Disable File (Zip) on a computer and then
transfer the file onto the SD card.

Step 2. Insert the SD card into the SD card Slot of your locked Android device and Reboot the phone.
into recovery mode.

How To Enter Recovery Mode On Android.

Power off your Android Device.
Press and Hold the Power Button and Volume UP key at the same time for few seconds.
The Recovery menu should be displayed after a short while.
For Samsung Devices, Press the Power, Volume Up Key and Home buttons at the same time

Step 3. Now Flash the ZIP file on the SD card and Reboot the Device.

After Flashing and rebooting, your locked android phone should boot up without requesting a password
or Pattern. If it requests, just type in a random password or a random pattern and it should be able
to use your phone. That' it!

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