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2 Sep 2015

How To Prevent Unnecessary Tags And Posts From Appearing On Your Facebook Timeline


Security issues on Social Media is increasingly becoming of much concern. Facebook is the number one Media platform that is most vulnerable when it comes to users privacy and a whole lot of issues.

Some of the security and privacy issues you might encounter ranges from hacking of your Facebook account, unnecessary tags and posts, etc. Perhaps one important yet undermined factor that as a Facebook user you must take full consideration of is the security status of your Public Facebook profile.

If you are a Facebook user, don't only be enthused about you going public on social media but also be equally concerned about What you post on your timeline, what friends and others tag you in and also what they as well post on your Facebook wall. Read: How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

A lot of my Facebook friends have been complaining of their accounts being hacked, and people posting and tagging them into xxx contents. The bitter part of this is that the kind of identity you are building or have already built in the eyes of your Facebook colleagues is indisputably marred. immediately you are being tagged into "annoying" and xxx based contents, your friends begin to see you in a different spotlight altogether.

However, you can be on the safer side by following these simple steps to control the types of posts that appear on your timeline as is if you had a hand in them.

How To Control Tags And Posts That Appear On Your Timeline

Take charge of you own Facebook profile by gaining control of all the activities that involves you in one way or the other. To do that just head to in your browser and login with your account details.

After login head to the Notification area on the page and click on the drop down arrow to the right of a padlock icon. See image below.

Select Settings to go to the settings page of your Facebook profile.

On the settings page select "Timeline and Tagging Settings". Here our main target for the purpose of this post is to limit/control tags and post on Timeline. Look up for this "Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline" and click on "Edith" located right to it and change it to "On".

You can play around the settings to edit them to suit your control needs.

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