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1 Aug 2015

Track and Locate Your Lost Android Phone or Device For Free


If you have lost your mobile phone or want to protect your phone and data
from unauthorized access when it get lose or stolen by someone, then
there is no need to worry because "Big Daddy Google" have got you
covered with its tracking Device Software known as Android Device Manager

With this way of Device tracking, GPS is not required. some of the features
that comes with the Android Device Manager are listed below;

Trace Location of your device

Remote Locking

Remote Data Erasing

Remote Ringing

First you need to install the Device Manager Software on your device.
To do that quickly go to the Play Store on your android Device and type in
the search bar "Android Device Manager" accept their terms and conditions
and install. This app is by Google itself.

After successful installation, just go to your main menu on your Android
device and select the app's icon to launch.

Now enter your account credentials That is your email and password to sign in.

When you are done signing in, head straight to your device's Settings and
select 'Security' Then to 'Device administrators' tab. There, you should
find the Android Device manager you just installed.

Just tick the box right next to it. Tap on the 'Activate button and you should have the device
details and its location right-away indicating that you are good to go.
in case of phone lose you can track the lost device location, change
password and even erase all data on it.

How To Track Your Device

To track your Android device in case of misplacement, just open your browser
and go to google. Type in the search box 'Android device manager' and
select the very first option.

You  will then be asked to log in with the account you created with the
software on your phone.

After a successful sign in, it will now begin Contacting your device to
find its current location any where around the Globe.

You can now play around with the features listed based on what you want
to accomplish at that moment.

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