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27 Jul 2015

How To Repair a Currupted and Damaged SD Card Or USB Flash Drive


SD card or USB flash drives are common recently and because of its mobility, we often prefer storing most of our data files on them. That said they normally do not last that much and might fail you at any point in time and this particular time of failure might bring your world crushing down.

Normally with damaged SD card, when you insert into your computer you will see
a pop up window asking you to format drive before use.

The real deal starts when you try to format and you get a pop up window message which reads "Windows was unable to complete the format". But don't worry about that because there is a way you can still get back all your files from the disk with no problem and that's what am gonna show
you in this post.

First we will try to repair our SD card using the command prompt in Windows.

Open command prompt in windows by typing "cmd" if you are on windows 7, Got to
Start>>>>Run>>>>and type "cmd"

In the command prompt window, type "Diskpart" press enter and click on "yes" on the Task window

Type "List Disk"

Type "Select disk #" and press enter. where # is the number of your SD card. if you want to be sure
of the SD card number, check the size listed right to each to confirm.

Type in "clean" on the next line and then hit enter. If your Diskpart encounter an error at this point then i suggest you read this article. How To Format a Corrupted SD Flash Drive
otherwise continue below;

Type in "create partition primary" and then hit enter. you should get a message
like this "Diskpart succeeded in creating the specified partition"

Type in "Active" then press enter. again type in select partition 1"

Now type " format fs=fat32. now wait while your disk is being formatted.
your drive should now be clean and new.

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  2. Please correct the title of the post. It should be "corrupted". Also I like the post. If you want to read really lots of ways or looking for more ways to fix SD card then, read this post.


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