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27 Jul 2015

How To Format a Corrupted SD Flash Drive

I received this complaints from Followers on Facebook that the previous post on
How To Repair a Corrupted and Damaged SD Card Or USB Flash Drive, some had
problems with it. That it didn't work for some seriously damaged SD cards.
That's why am writing this post to show you yet another option.

In this method, Just insert your SD card into your computer.

Head straight to "my computer" to locate your SD card.

Right-click on the SD card and then Select "properties"

Now in the properties window, Select "Tools" and then click on "check"
select "yes" in the confirmation window.

Next, click on Start and then "OK" in the confirmation window that appears.
Wait for the Format to complete. Your drive should fresh and ready to use.
However, if the operation can't still be completed, Then move to Step 2

Simply Press and Hold the shift key on the keyboard and the Right-click on your
SD card When in the "My computer" Window

Now Release the shift key and click on "open command prompt window here"
which should open the command prompt window.

Now, in the cmd window, Type "cd\" then press enter.
Type "chkdsk /x /f  " followed by your drive letter. Don't forget to leave a space
before typing your drive letter. see image below.

Here if your the file system is "Raw" it means you won't be able to format your
SD card. Meaning it is as equal as dead. But you can still retrieve all your files
from. Read Retrieve Your Files From A Corrupted Or Damaged SD Card

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