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3 Jun 2015

Microsoft Is offering Windows 8.1 Users a Free Upgrade to It's Windows 10 - Full Version

Microsoft is giving a time limited offer for all its Windows platform users currently to a possible upgrade to its new and up-coming Windows 10 OS available to PCs and Tablets. The notification about the said upgrade appeared in the notification area of my Task-bar a couple of hours ago.

The offer allows you to reserve your free upgrade to a full version of the yet to be released Microsoft windows 10 operating system via a link provided. According to the notification, there are three processes involved. Which are;
  • Reserve your free upgrade by following a link provided in the notification window
  • When the windows 10 is finally released, it will automatically be downloaded to your device and prompt you to install.
  • Once it's installed, windows 10 is all yours.

Features Of The Windows 10 operating System

  •  The new Windows 10 boost of the Traditional Start menu with few modifications displaying some of the installed windows apps making it somewhat easy to navigate with  a keyboard, mouse or touch.
Microsoft_Is_offering_Windows_8.1_Users a_Free_Upgrade_to_It's_Windows_10

  • The speed of the Windows 10 is increased. in view of this it Boots and resumes faster than the 8.1. It also comes with a lot of security features. The Windows 10 is designed in such a way that it's compatible with already in use software and hardware

Microsoft_Is_offering_Windows_8.1_Users a_Free_Upgrade_to_It's_Windows_10
  • A new personal digital assistant called Cortana. Microsoft also designed an all new web browser and a great deal of built-in apps like Maps, Messaging, Music and video. 
You can reserve your free upgrade when the notification appear on the right side of the Task-bar. if you haven't yet received the notification, check occasionally for the Windows icon or logo down the right of your task-bar.

Basically, the Windows 10 OS promises a whole lot a new and amazing features, improved speed and more. We can only cross our fingers and wait for it arrival. Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 by the end of July specifically on the 29th of July.

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