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8 May 2015

How To Capture and Download any Streaming Videos, Movies & Audios

How To_Capture_and_Download_any_Streaming_Videos,_Movies_&_Audios

Streaming media online is common nowadays with a lot of internet users out there. Quite a number of media sites makes their videos and audio files only stream-able without giving any option for downloads. That's, you can only stream their media content only.

Arguably, there is nothing wrong with that but think of it this way: if you ever want to listen or watch those media files again you'll have to go back to that site and stream again. that's a bit of work right?
In this post, am gonna show you step-by-step on how you can capture and download all streaming media so you won't have to visit the site anytime you wanna access those media.

How To Capture Streaming Media

 First, you have to download the URL Snooper software from the link bellow

Download Link

Step 1. Install URL Snooper and don't run URL Snooper when it is done installing until your computer is restarted.

step 2. Now open Project URL Snooper and click on the General Options Tab and then user posted image

Step 3. Select a network adapter then click on the search tab and then Click Sniff Network.

Step 4. Now URLs should appear on the web pages. If otherwise then select a different network adapter.

Step 5. Hide all http// references by clicking on  the "Hide Non-Streaming URLs" This will display only URLs corresponding to streaming audio/video (rtsp, pnm, wma, etc.)

Step 6. Click on Sniff Network. after which you should be able to see all URLs as you stream medias.

Step 7. Choose your desired stream user posted image usually rm file user posted image at the bottom there should be the link which you simply copy user posted image.

How You Can Download Media's With The Captured URLs

How To_Capture_and_Download_any_Streaming_Videos,_Movies_&_Audios

First you will have to download Net transport from this link Net Transport

Install the programe after downloading.

Run the programe and select new.

Now copy & paste any of the captured links above to start downloading your video or audio files.

With the steps above, anyone should be able to download streaming media from any site with hidden URLs.

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