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3 Mar 2015

How To Install Audacious 3.6 Player With New Qt UI in Ubuntu 14.04


Audacious music player is a powerful lightweight player that runs on both windows and Linus based OS. its an open source player that plays your music how you want it without interfering in other tasks on your system. This powerful application is a descendant of a the popular XMMS and Beep media player software compatible on both GNU/Linux, BSD, and Microsoft windows.

The new version of this program was recently released at the end of February and available for download. Audacious 3.6 boast of the new Qt-based user interface. This Qt 5 based UI can be installed alongside the existing GTK+ and Winamp Classic interfaces. But is not yet as feature-rich as the existing interfaces, it will be the basis of a Mac OS X port of Audacious.

This post, however, will center on Linux Based Audacious. In this tutorial, am going to show you how you can install the new version of Audacious (v 3.6) on Your Ubuntu OS.

Features Of Audacious 3.6

by default, Audacious 3.6 switches back to GTK2. However, you can still built it with GTK3 if desired, but GTK2 is recommended for any desktop environment other than GNOME 3.

  • Source code now converted from C99 to C++11.
  • Audacious can now be built as a headless music player “daemon” with no GTK+ dependency.
  • playback now resumes in a paused state upon startup, so that you can press play to continue from where you left off. If desired
  • Sort your playlist by genre.
  • A new “Open Containing Folder” command has been added to the GTK+ interface.
  • new effect plugin to remove leading and trailing silence in any song file.
  • New controls in the song information dialog
  • Support for the SID song lengths database has been restored.
  • Double-size scaling of Winamp skins
  • Searching by genre in the search tool plugin
  • Support for “album artist” in song tags
  • Adjustable HTTP buffer size

Install Audacious 3.6 On Ubuntu

First, open terminal from the Dash/Menu. You can also use the following key combinations to open terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) on keyboard. Now follow and type the below commands one by one to add PPA, update system cache, and install/upgrade Audacious.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install audacious audacious-pluging
If you typed the above commands correctly, then you are done!

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