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1 Mar 2015

Google Makes Inbox Client available on iPad, Safari, and Firefox


Since its lunching, Google's new email experience popularly known as Inbox was only available in a limited number of places.

Previously, Inbox used to only feature on iPhone, Android and Chrome browsers. Users were able to access the new email client only on these devices and therefore wasn't available to all users expecially those who do not own any of the devices mentioned above. Now the story has changed simply because Google is launching on new platforms starting from March 1, 2015.

Google is making a lot of efforts in widening the user space by adding more devices and web apps to its list of supported platforms for Inbox. According to a post on the official Gmail Blog today, both Android tablet and iPad users will now have access to the app the same way smartphone and iPhone users did previously. Google has also added both Firefox and Apple’s Safari browser as supported web platforms on top of Chrome.

Reports are suggesting that functionality is very much similar on all devices and all platforms, but Inbox is still a stripped down version of what we get inside of Gmail in many ways. Inbox still doesn’t support custom domains, a singular multiple accounts view and a number of other bells and whistles we have come to know from our Gmail accounts.

You will still need to receive an invite to get access to Inbox. Google appears to be still testing the water with its new email client. Those interested can email to request access and Google will send you one when “more invites are available.”


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