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16 Feb 2015

Windows 10 Set To Use Biometric Password-Killers

Windows 10 Will support Fast Identification Online


On Friday, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will make use of the Fast Identification
Online (FIDO) which incorporate the specifications of enabling new biometric identification
features like fingerprints and eye-scans.

This Feature will allow devices to work with a most of third-party biometric readers and
provide an easy framework for any hardware makers that want to build extra security into
a laptop or phone.

This means that those companies designing useful things like fingerprint readers and iris
scanners can now be rest assured that their technology will work with the latest version
of the most popular desktop operating system.

FIDO is designed to entirely replace passwords, moving towards faster and more localized
authentication techniques. Microsoft's Dustin Ingalls said moving beyond the password was,
"one of the top priorities for us here at Microsoft."

FIDO is Designed to be an open standard, FIDO supports a couple of some of companies in
banking and tech, including Microsoft, Google, PayPal, and Bank of America. The system is
designed to protect biometric information through a zero-knowledge proof, authenticating eye
scans or fingerprints locally without exposing them to the web at large.

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