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16 Feb 2015

What You Need To Know About The New Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery

Some Concerns On Samsung's Galaxy S6 Battery


With Samsung announcing that the flagship phone is going to appear on March 1 at MWC,
there Has been some concerns about the batterry of this device amid speculations that
Samsung is said to be putting a 2,600 mAh battery inside the Galaxy S6.

The speculation comes from a source in South Korea – a source of dubious legitimacy – but
the manufacturer is certainly going to have to do something to accommodate the unibody design
we’re all expecting. We are all aware of the efforts being made to slim-trim smartphone devices,
however, the slimer the phone is to become  the harder all those internal components need to
shrink in other to fit with the design.

with this in mind, The Samsung Galaxy S6 might just come with an irremovable battery as its
predecessors had, so you won’t be able to swap it out for a spare or an upgrade. And there
are likely to be more pixels to power – 1440 x 2560 to be precise.

Nevertheless, size and irremovability does not mean anything in the smart world.
there are indications that the Exynos 7420 SoC chip slated for the Galaxy S6 is more efficient
enough to make the phone last longer on a single charge, despite the fact that the battery itself
is smaller. It’s a balancing act Samsung needs to get right.

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