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6 Feb 2015

List Of Free Screen Recording & Capture Tools

Best Screen Capturing Tools For Windows

Screen recording softwares and capturing tools have a vareity of uses which is based
solely on you the user. you can create vedeo tutorials and guids with the help of these
tools to help others on software, computer  and more. If you are a blogger or someone
who loves to share information on How To's, then you obviously need Screen capturing
tools for your work.

With screen capturing tools you can also create presentations for your projects and other
important stuff like taking screenshot of a game play or even recording a game play.

This particular article focuses on some of these free capturing software and tools.
I'm going to show you a list of some of these best screen capturing devices which
you can use in recording all your on-screen activities.

List Of Best Free Screen Capture Tools

My_Teck_Lab_screengrapproScreen Grab Pro 

Screen Grab Pro is a screen capture tool. It features one
click grab of any screen for ease of use, timer operation,
 instant grab of any region, save JPEG, hotkey in any
window, current window selection list. Screen Grab Pro
copies a Bitmap to clipboard ready for pasting in your
favorite picture editor.


With Jing you can capture animations, video and also
images. However, it can also capture a video of activity
within the selection. Jing supports rectangular screen captures.
Includes an image editor but not a video editor.
jing only allows you to record your screen activities for
a limited time of 5min. To record, select the region you
wish to capture on the screen with options like highlight,
text box, and add picture caption.


SnapDraw is a screenshot capture, editor and annotation tool.
 It supports both window & full screen capture. SnapDraw also
boost of an inbuilt image editor which allows you to edit
the captures you take.
In SnapDraw Free, all the complicated annotation graphics such
as Callouts and Magnifier Lens or nice looking effect such as 3D
perspective and Reflections - are built-in tools. With these tools,
you just point and click to accomplish the work in a small amount
of time while achieving High Quality of outputs.


 With Webinaria you can record both full screen and part of the
screen. The application comes with a Webinaria Recorder, which
allows the user to record voice narration, capture desktop screen
movements, and Webcam videos in Flash format, and they can be
uploaded to the web at a later stage. Webinaria helps the user create
Flash (AVI to FLV) recordings of desktop content and publish online

 Screenshot Captor

 Screenshot Captor is designed for grabbing lots of screenshots with
minimal intervention. It has multimonitor support and includes a full
explorer with full shell functionality and unsurpassed integration with
external tools like graphic editors or water markers. Screenshot Captor
also supports unique effects not seen in other capture tools, including the
ability to automatically locate and enhance the active window.
supports multiple screens, full screen, window, rectangular
area, and fixed area captures from either hot keys or from
the programs menu.


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