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4 Feb 2015

How To Show Hidden Files & Folders In Windows

Before we proceed with the steps in showing hidden files in Windows,
i would like us to know what a hidden file is and why Windows choose
to hide those files from users view.

What is a Hidden File or Folder?

A hidden file or Folder is a file which filesystem utilities do not
display at Default when showing a Directory. In other words, Hidden
files are never displayed anywhere in windows without the user
requesting to display them.

Hidden files are used for storing user preferences or preserving the
state of a utility. Because access to hidden files are not restricted,
they can not be termed as a security mechanism.

Show hidden Files or folders in windows

In this article, am gonna show you two simple tips in showing all
your hidden files and folders.

First step

Open the command prompt.
at command prompt just type
dir /ah or dir /ah/p/w if the list is too long u can use
Note that this tip works on all windows versions

Second Step

  • On windows 8 or 8.1, just open 'My computer' or any of your folders.
  • Go to 'view tab' then 'options'. navigate to the 'view' tab in the folder
  • options window.
  • from there you can uncheck all the hide folder options. 

For Windows 7,
Open Folder options by clicking the Start button, clicking control panel,
clicking Appearance And Personalization, and then folder options.

Click on the View tab

Under Advanced settings, click show hidden files, folders, and drives
and click OK.

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