26 Feb 2015

How To Hide a Particular User Account In OS X - Simple Step

This type of operating system (OS X)  is not known to many.
Just incase you havn't yet heard of this OS type before, here
is a brief background. Mac OS X) is a series of Unix-based
graphical interface operating systems developed and marketed
by Apple Inc. It is designed to run on Mac computers

In this short post am gona show you how you can hide a
specific user account by typing a simple command.

How To Do It.

In Yosemite, open a Terminal and run the following command,
 replacing hiddenuser with the account you want to hide:

sudo dscl . create /Users/hiddenuser IsHidden 1
When you reboot, that hidden user won’t show up as a choice.
Click out the following link on how you can hide user account in 
older versions of OS X.

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