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15 Jan 2015

Transfer Your Contact Between iOS, Blackberry And Android

How To Transfer Contacts Between Blackberry, iOS & Android

Are you switching your phone and precisely its platform?...Between iOS and Android; Blackberry and Android;
About three weeks ago, i got a new Android phone and had to change over from my blackberry to my
new Android, However, migrating my contacts (especially those stored on the phone's memory)  was very
difficult. in my research to transfer my contacts I came across this easy Trick.

If you are reading this post then count yourself lucky cos am gonna show you an easy way to Transfer 
your Contacts without any "sweat".

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There are few apps available at the Apps Store of Blackberry, Android and iOS which we are going to use to perform this task. Before you proceed to transferring your contacts, make sure your old phone is with you
cos we're going to first Backup our contacts on this device using these apps am gonna talk about and then we can easily and peacefully transfer our contacts without any 'Wahala'


Transfer Contacts Using InTouchApp

InTouchApp is the easiest way to backup, sync and transfer your contacts in and out of your Smartphones.
With InTouchApp, you don't have to worry about losing your contacts in any case. either switching phones
or in case your smartphone get lost.

In either way, Intouchapp got you covered already. all you have to do is

>>Go to your App store and download the App, Install.

>>Open the installed InTouchapp on your phone and make sure you sign in with your account. (if you are new to the app just create a new one and log in.

>>Once logged into the app's user interface, All your contacts will be automatically updated and bucked up.

>>Now take your new Smartphone, Install the InTouchApp on it from your App Store, open and then log in to synchronize your bucked-up contacts into your new phone

That's it for InTouchApp.


PhoneCopy allows you to Transfer your contacts and other data between your phone and an online storage. Keep your data in sync, backed up, and accessible anywhere.
PhoneCopy is a cross platform app available not only for iOS, Android & Blackberry but also available for Windows and Symbian Devices
Transfer Contacts Using PnoneCopy

To use PhoneCopy in Transferring contacts;
>>first install the app from your App Store 

>>Open it and backup all of your Contacts

>>Install this same app on your new phone, open the application and start synchronizing.

That's it! My Dear Reader. I hope you'll now never lose Contacts anymore.

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