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4 Jan 2015

How To Increase Download Speed

How To Speed Up Your Internet Connectivity With Ease.

My Teck Lab-How-To-Increase-Internet-speed
TCP Optimizer is a windows program that offers an easy way to increase the speed
of your internet connection without any difficulty. TCP Optimizer provides an
intuitive interface for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection.

The TCP Optimizer is designed with an easy to use interface that allows both the
novice and the advanced user in tweaking related
TCP/IP parameters in Windows, making it simple to tune/adjust your internet to the type of
connection used. The tool is designed to use advanced algorithms, and the bandwidth*delay
product to detect the best TCP Window for your actual internet connection speed.

one good news is that the Developers made this windows program completely free, no need to
install before use-runs directly, and can be used to tune almost any internet connection
with ease ranging from  broadband internet connections, dial-up to Gigabit+.

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Steps To Increase Internet Connection Speed

1. First and foremost you need to download the TCP Optimizer program From this link

2. Run the downloaded program.
3. head to the settings menu of TCP Optimizer, ---> then to your connection type eg;
   cable modem or dsl.

4. Go to MTU/latency and then set the parameters to your maximum Bandwidth of your internet connection.
  maximum is 1500. and anything above this value will simply not work

5. That's it...enjoy speed internet connectivity.

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  1. Nice blog useful for those who are looking for some tips to increase the speed of their internet connection ...I followed the steps which you shared here and then test the speed of my internet connection using sites like sure i have seen vast difference in my speedtest result compared to my previous one ....

  2. Thanks @mano for the comment.
    Always at your service.


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