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20 Jan 2015

How To Schedule When To Turn Data Connection On & Off

Schedule When To Turn Data Connection On In HTC One M8

Schedule Data Connection
To help conserve power and data usage, you can set a time period when the data connection will automatically turn off during low peak times. This takes effect after the screen has been off for 15 minutes and there's no network activity (no downloads, streaming, or data usage).
This simple trick can go a long way to help you save a lot of mobile data and save you from unnecessary background download that go on without your concern or when your Smartphone is in Sleep Mode
To do this, Just follow the steps below in this article.

  • Go to Settings, and then tap Power.  
  • Tap Sleep mode
  • To manually change the settings, clear Learn sleep time automatically if it's selected. 
  • Under Sleep time, choose the start and end time when data connection is disabled. 
  • Tap the Sleep mode On/Off switch to turn it on.

The data connection resumes when you switch the screen back on.

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