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30 Jan 2015

How To Remove Extra Operating System From Your Computer

How You Can Remove Extra OS From Boot Menu

Almost all computers comes pre-installed with only one operating system.
In fact, as of the beginning of the computer era up until now, all computers
ships with a single operating system. however you have all the luxury to
install multiple operating system alongside the default one and this technique
is referred to as Dual-booting.
Choose an OS

There is a lot of fun in having more than one operating system on just a single
computer. you will be able to get a feel of different types of operating systems
around. all you have to do is select the operating system type at boot-up. for
instance you can have both Linux, windows 7,8 or windows 8.1 on your single
Desktop computer, laptop or net-book.

in spite of all these benefits above, a lot of people out there to remove the
installed operating systems from their computer. In some cases even if you
format those partitions which have the extra operating systems installed on them
it will still appear on the boot screen asking you to select one to boot.
in this article, am going to teach you how you can remove this 'annoying' thing
of having to choose anytime you are booting your PC.
 If you have more then one operating system installed and you are looking for
a way to remove that operating system from the boot menu, Just follow the below
simple trick

1.If you are using windows 7 or XP, Click on Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced.
  for Windows 8 & 8.1 users type "control panel" when in the start menu.
  go to "System" then "advanced"

Click System and Security

2. Under Start-up and Recovery, click Settings.
Choose advanced System settings

3. Under Default Operating System, choose the current Operating system you wanna keep
Select OS to keep

4. Uncheck the box for "Time to display a list of Operating Systems".
5. Click Apply and OK, and reboot the system. that's all guys!

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