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7 Jan 2015

How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers

Hacked On Facebook? Learn How To Security Tight Your Account. 

Facebook has become the most popular social site since its lunching. 

"Facebooking" is currently widespread and is common among almost all 
age groups ( Those who can read and write).

It has now become the platform where we live most of our life to the
audience of the public Through status apdates, uploading pictures,
finding new friends and offcause meeting old friends and the most intriging part is the
amount of information we provide on this page.

Let's consider this; When creating a Facebook account you'll be required
to provide both personal and Family information ranging from our names, siblings & parent information, phone number, hometown, academic information, work information, and quite a few personal pictures, you can name them.
That is a hell of information right?

Because of all these activities that goes on at this Social Media Platform,
it is equally important to be mindful of the security aspect in terms of
Passwords Choice, access locations, etc so as to prevents our accounts from
being hacked.

If you are a avid Facebook user, you must and should read this article:

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Be Mindful Of These Tips Below;

  • Always you have to stay alert on the kind of links you click either on your wall or sent by a friend. most of these links are designed by Hackers  and it may be asking you to click and win something, please stay away. Be skeptical of any messages that come from a friend that seem suspect.
  •   Be aware of bad applications, games, ads and fan-pages. Don't get me wrong! am not saying you shouldn't like pages and also doubt genuine apps and games but just be careful. Stay alert to certain things, like what information it says it will access, whether you have heard of it before, if anyone you know has used it and the star rating system.

  •  A lot of Facebook users access their accounts via public computers, if you fall in this category please always make sure you log out of your account and delete all email & password entries before leaving  in case you forget, or you want to check, you can go to go to Account Settings >Security. There you will find the “Active Sessions” which has  most recent activity, including what device your account was being used on. You can log out of any device from anywhere using this feature.
  •  Create a strong, quiet lengthy and a complex password for your Facebook account. If you haven't, well there is no time to wast. Head to your settings tab and set a new Strong one


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