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7 Jan 2015

Best Antivirus Programs For 2015


The following Antivirus programs are the
best Antivirus Sofwares in 2015 according
My Teck Lab's pick

  1.  AVAST

Best Antivirus 2015-Avast!
The newest version of the most-trusted security in the world is ready,
Avast! Antivirus is one of the best Antivrus Programs in This computer world
and it’s completely free. Avast protects
more than 220 million people, businesses, and mobile devices worldwide.

For the first time ever, Avast 2015 helps you protect your home network
such as routers and wireless devices, from hacker attacks.

Besides its efficient protection against viruses, worms and other malware,
avast! Free Antivirus features eight real-time shields.

The Avast! 2015 Version comes with more Exiting Features Which includes;

  • Browser Cleanup

Remove annoying browser toolbars or extensions,
and restore your hijacked search browser.

  • Software Updater

Easily update your important software to increase the overall
security and condition of your PC.

  • Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance lets you help or be helped over the Internet.


Best Antivirus 2015-AvgAVG

AVG Antivirus Software is in no doubt a comprehensiveand efficient Virus Detecting
Program That

Detects, blocks & removes virus and spyware.

Runs in the background for no slowdowns.

Securely deletes files to prevent snooping.

Scans files at a super fast speed

Automaticaly apdates its Database and Virus Definitions
It includes some amazing tools for scanning your hard drive and e-mail, as
well as a real-time shield to prevent infections.



Best Antivirus 2015-Avira
FREE Antivirus is a reliable free antivirus solution, that constantly and
rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs

Avira Free Antivirus is a useful virus protection software, which will protect your
computer from spyware, rootkits, worms, phishing, hoaxes, malware, general
vulnerabilities, and will also detect malicious files. 

The features of this freeware
have been focused on website verification, tracker blocking and coverage for social networks.
trusted by millions of users around the world.

One advantage of using Avira Antivirus Program is That, Durring scanning of files, Avira
requires minimal interaction from the user hence you can keep working with your pc whiles
Scanning occurs at the same time.


Best Antivirus 2015-NortonNorton 360

Norton™ provides award-winning antivirus and security software for your PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Norton Antivirus is a free trial software that shield your computer from today's Internet threats
with advanced virus removal and virus protection technologies from Norton™

Norton Free Antivirus Boast of The following Merits;

  •       Installs under 1 minute and takes less than 8 MB of memory; light on CPU usage
  •       Super-fast scan times: only 61 seconds for a typical Windows system hard drive
  •       Includes spyware protection - no need to purchase a separate product!
  •       Minimal performance impact during gaming, movie playback, presentations and more
  •       FREE 24/7 support for every customer through email/chat/phone


Best Antivirus 2015-ComodoComodo Internet Security 2015 for Windows is a Antivirus suit That
comprehensively helps to protect your computer as well as all of your Online Activities.

Free Antivirus from Comodo provides 100% complete Virus Protection for all popular Windows OS, from
Windows 8 to XP.

Comodo Antivirus Has a unique firewall which is said to be able
to by-pass all known leak tests to ensure the integrity of data entering
 and Leaving your your device.

The suite also comes with a Game Mode feature, which
enables you to play games or runWindows application
at full-screen without any irritating security pop-ups alerts.




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